Kaplan Fire & EMS Online Training is now FireEMS Academy

Exciting news! Kaplan’s Fire & EMS division is now part of Praetorian Digital which owns and operates FireRescue1, Fire Chief and EMS1 – the largest websites in the world for fire and EMS. Kaplan Fire & EMS is joining the FireEMS Academy Division at Praetorian. This is a great next step for the Kaplan Fire & EMS business and really good news for Fire EMS training overall and for Kaplan Fire & EMS customers.

Why FireEMS Academy?

FireEMS Academy’s training courses feature actual case studies and fast-paced, high-energy videos. The courses are accompanied by interactive training for first responders, EMTs, paramedics and firefighters. FireEMS Academy is the only education company to partner with the IAFF for EMS continuing education.

It’s also the home of the popular Medic Monthly training series. Medic Monthly is the highest-energy and most engaging online continuing education series for first responders, EMTs, and paramedics.


What’s Next For Customers?

Don’t worry. The current Kaplan Fire & EMS team is staying with the company and other than a new name – nothing is changing. You’ll continue to have access to all of the great content you do now, but the acquisition means we’re going to be even more laser focused on growing the content offering and improving the technology platform. It means more video training content, more courses, technology improvements, more issues of Medic Monthly and access to hundreds of fire and EMS experts and hundreds of thousands of articles.

We’ve heard time and time again that there is a significant need for better and more dynamic training content and more user friendly systems to deliver it. Our vision is to build the next generation of online training for Fire and EMS including the most dynamic and engaging content and offer a reporting system that is both innovative and easy to use and we’re excited to work with you to do it.

In terms of the new name going forward, soon we will simply be dropping the name Kaplan and adding Academy to create the FireEMS Academy.


Combining multimedia technology with expert instructional design, Kaplan Fire & EMS Training offers a comprehensive online curriculum for firefighters and first responders. Our courses are designed to help emergency personnel maintain critical license compliance while keeping their skills and knowledge on the cutting edge.


FireRescue1 Academy believe a well-trained fire department is a safer, more effective fire department. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive yet user-friendly online video training system. Our platform features more than 500 short-format and 30 training-block courses with quizzes, plus tracking of self-paced training.


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